About Us

At blueNutra, we believe in the incredible benefits and power of essential oils! We are revolutionizing the way people manage their well-being. Our main goals include: (1) providing the highest quality essential oils at an amazing “blow your socks off” price that even your dog can afford and (2) Delivering the best content, tools, and resources to educate our customers on how to get the most out of essential oils. and (3) taking care of you like we would take care of our own grandma. (she’s our toughest customer but we know she’s happy because she still brings us cookies).

Not all essential oils are created equal. At blueNutra we scour the planet to bring you essential oils that are 100% pure, undiluted and of the highest quality possible. If you’re wondering how we maintain such astounding prices; it’s simple.  We just purchase each oil from top suppliers around the entire globe, buy these freakishly amazing oils in large volume, and negotiate the “hands down” best prices possible. We then pass those savings on to you, the consumer! We also provide 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money or replace the product(s).

We want you to feel at home with us at blueNutraTrying a new product from us shouldn’t cause stress, instead it should be an awesome experience!  Essential oils are powerful and useful in many ways and our trained and passionate staff is available to guide you through the process of discovering the best oils for you. So relax and stay a while and if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for on our site, drop us a note and we will be super excited to help you out. (You might even meet grandma!)