RELAX: decompress your stress

29 Mar

RELAX 10ml essential oil blend Ylang Ylang- Known for its calming properties, this oil’s aroma is linked to decreasing stress and balancing anger levels. Orange- Believed to assist the alleviation of anxiety. A research study in Brazil showed those who inhaled orange oil before a test displayed the least anxiety during the test. Patchouli- Inhaling this […]

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ENERGIZE: put a bounce in your step

21 Mar

A little bit about blueNutra’s new ENERGIZE essential oil blend that comes in a 10ml roll-on bottle. Lemon- It is thought that inhaling this scent will increase concentration and alertness. Lemongrass-Said to be the oil of energetic cleansing; it may be helpful letting go of negative energy which may be causing fatigue. It also improves […]

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balanced Bergamot

02 Jan

The holidays have passed and you survived all of the madness. Now all that’s left besides leftovers is to get your house back in order. Essential oils from blueNutra can sanitize your house naturally. Many oils have antibacterial properties but today we are focusing on bergamot. Here are a few ways to use balanced BERGAMOT […]

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Diffuse the stress away!

27 Nov
fall bridge

The days following Thanksgiving are filled with many emotions; especially stress! Whether you’re shopping or traveling this weekend keep your oils close to help you stay balanced. Follow these tips and blueNutra’s mellow Marjoram will become your best friend! In Ancient Rome they called marjoram the “herb of happiness.” When you’re on the go put […]

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