Smells Like Fall difusser blend

29 Oct
leaves fall

Smells Like Fall Diffuser Blend 11 drops clever Clove essential oil 6 drop Cinnamon bare essential oil 3 drops of magical Myrrh essential oil 2 drops powerful Pepper essential oil Blend essential oils together or just put the drops straight into a diffuser to warm your entire home. These inviting scents are the first thing your guests will notice upon […]

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Oils Essential for Camping

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love camping in the mountains? The fresh air! The break from technology! It’s refreshing for the soul. Unfortunately all of that fun in the fresh air comes with bugs, sunburns, allergies, and scrapes. Here are some oils that are essential for camping: trixy’s TEA TREE: Tea Tree oil (melaleuca) is the perfect camping […]

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Featured oil – Truly Patchouli

28 Jul

Taking a whiff of our truly Patchouli oil it may take you back to your drum circle days but there are plenty of modern uses for this groovy oil. Patchouli is a perfect companion for the skin. It has been known to aid in scalp ailments, bed sores, burns, cracked skin, eczema, acne, hemorrhoids, and […]

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Feature of the week – joyful Geranium

09 Jul

We are jumping for joy over this oil because it not only smells amazing but it has awesome uses. Are your kids living a little too crazy this summer? Put a drop onto bruises or bug bites to reduce discomfort and cleanse the area. If you are suffering from a little summertime jet lag, joyful […]

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Long Summer Days Refreshing Mist

26 Jun

We are in the middle of the dog days of summer which means lots of heat! Try this mist to keep you cool, calm, and collected during these long days. We like it best kept cool in the refrigerator until use. Refreshing Mist recipe: 1 glass spray bottle 8 drops of calming Clary Sage 12 […]

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