RELAX 10ml essential oil blend

  • Ylang Ylang- Known for its calming properties, this oil’s aroma is linked to decreasing stress and balancing anger levels.
  • Orange- Believed to assist the alleviation of anxiety. A research study in Brazil showed those who inhaled orange oil before a test displayed the least anxiety during the test.
  • Patchouli- Inhaling this scent may impact various chemical reactions in the mind by stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopa-mine. Leading to less tension and uplifted mood.
  • Tangerine- Found to be soothing to the body functions.
  • Blue Tansy- Can be used to pacify stress emotions and induce a relaxing effect.
  • Fractionated Coconut-  This oil is used to dilute the potent pure essential oils so they are safe on the skin. Fractionated coconut oil has increased volumes of caprylic acid and capric acid which makes it great for antioxidant purposes.

Pull out your RELAX roll-on whenever you need a chill pill; perhaps before your commute, during a stressful conference call, or to unwind before bed. Just roll it on your wrist, temples, or the back of the neck and take several deep breathes. Its aromatherapy benefits are almost instantaneous!